Friday, July 6, 2012

Jack & the Monster Under the Bed

Almost every weekend, Jack went to spend a night with his Grandma and her dog, Pilot. Jack loved to see his Grandma - she was so much fun!

Jack got to play lots of games, read books and bake yummy chocolate chip cookies. Jack's Grandma even let him stay up late to watch his favourite movies!

But, going to bed at Grandma’s house was not as much fun. Jack had to sleep in the spare room, which he thought was very scary!

There was SO MUCH stuff in the spare room. It was everywhere! It was piled on the chairs, crammed into the dressers, jammed in the closet and shoved under the bed.

Jack thought that Grandma’s piles of stuff made the perfect hiding spots for monsters. Once the lights in the spare room were off, he was sure all those monster came out to play!

Even though Jack was so tired, he couldn’t fall sleep. He tossed and turned, imagining all the different creatures that might be waking up to enjoy the night!

Jack imagined them in every dresser drawer,  in the closet, and under all the piles! The more he thought about it, the more Jack was SURE there was a monster hiding under his bed.

Jack pulled the blanket up, and wrapped it tightly around his face until only his eyes were showing. Then he slowly uncovered one ear to listen for any strange noises in the room.

He held his breath and waited.

After a few moments, he was certain he heard a loud “SQUEAK!” from somewhere in the spare room. Jack was SURE the monster under the bed was getting ready to come out of its hiding spot!

Jack tucked himself further under the blanket, staying perfectly still and quiet. He was afraid that if he moved, the monster would hear him, and Jack had no idea what might happen!

Soon, Jack felt so tired he could hardly keep his eyes open. The harder he tried to stay awake, the heavier his eyes began to feel.

Not long after, Jack fell asleep and while he slept, something magical happened!

Grandma’s sewing basket was tucked away under the bed in the spare room. It was full of buttons and baubles of all sizes, colourful thread and fabric of all kinds. Jack loved it when he and his Grandma would make things together, using their favourite things from the basket.

Something amazing was happening in that basket under Jack's bed!

Somehow, the basket had opened and all the things in it had fallen out onto the floor. The buttons began to roll around, the spools of thread unraveled and amazingly, the fabrics started to move and change shape! This went on all night, while while Jack slept soundly.

The next morning, Jack opened his eyes and yawned loudly just as Pilot, burst into the room as usual to say good morning.

Normally, Pilot liked to jump on Jack and lick his face until he woke up and rubbed the dog’s tummy. But, to Jack’s surprise, today Pilot seemed more interested in what was under the bed!

That was when Jack remembered the scary monster he had heard the night before.

Jack climbed out of the bed and knelt down next to Pilot to take a look. When he moved the blanket out of the way, he couldn’t believe his eyes!

There was a monster under his bed! In fact, there were two and they were made of all his favorite things from Grandma's sewing basket!

Jack picked up monsters, squeezed them tight and decided his new friends needed names. He called them Moxy and Toots.

As Jack and Pilot ran with Moxy and Toots to show his Grandma , he knew he would never have to be afraid of the monsters under the bed again!

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